Miller Carlin Funeral Home
After a Death Occurs
What do I Need to Bring Into the Funeral Home for the Arrangement Conference?


As a suggestion, choose clothing that the individual would have worn to church or important events in their life.  Sometimes clothing is chosen to show the occupation or hobby of the person.  If the individual never wore a suit or dress, they wouldn't look like themselves in that clothing now.  Long sleeves and high necklines are the best options to choose.  You should also remember to bring undergarments.  Most often clothing is chosen from the wardrobe of the individual, however, the Miller-Carlin Funeral Homes does have a selection of burial suits and dresses if they are needed.  You can also bring in jewelry for the individual to wear.


One or two RECENT color photographs are needed to give the funeral home staff a good idea of how the individual looked, how they wore their hair, and if and how they used make-up.  One of these pictures can also be placed into the obituaries and memorial folders.  An additional set of photographs (approximately 25) can be used to create a DVD for display at the visitation.  There is no cost for the first DVD. This has become a very popular personalization piece to the services.

Paperwork and Information

The funeral home will need the Social Security Number of the individual as well as any military discharge papers (DD214).  It is also helpful if you have paperwork from the cemetery where burial will be.  Normally we will NOT need a marriage license or a birth certificate, however, they may have important and useful information on them.

All photographs and paperwork will be returned to you.  Jewelry will be returned at your request or buried with the individual.

Things to think about After a death occurs, there are many things that you need to think about before meeting with a funeral director.  Making funeral plans for someone you love is never "easy", however families who deal with a Miller-Carlin Funeral Home director have reported the experience rewarding.  You have been given the opportunity to select a fitting tribute for another person.  There are many options available to you to help create this tribute.

Before you meet with your funeral director, give some thought to what type of person you are making arrangements for.  Was the person religious? What about their lifestyle? Was the person traditional or always looking for the newest thing?  What type of service will fit for them?

It is common for people to say "I don't want any fuss made for me" when they discuss their own funeral plans, however, many studies have shown how important visitation and funerals are during the early stages of grief and bereavement.  Do not let your own needs be left out of the planning process.

With guidance from the funeral director at the Miller Carlin Funeral Homes, you will be able to select a type of service that will best fit all those concerned.