Miller Carlin Funeral Home
Customized Services
1938 Funeral Coach For a classic touch, Miller-Carlin has a 1938 Henney Packard Funeral Coach available for use. The coach is one of only three known to exist and is only available at Miller-Carlin.
Golfer After the death of an avid golfer, the family displayed his clubs next to the casket. He was dressed in his plaid sweater and buried with his favorite putter.
Artist For the service of a woman who was an artist, we suggested that the family bring some of her paintings and display them throughout the funeral home.
Car Collector For an avid classic car collector, the family had his car be on display in front of the funeral home during the visitation. On the day of the funeral his car was used to lead the procession to the church and cemetery.
Horse Lover After the death of an avid horse enthusiast, the family brought in his saddle for the visitation and funeral service and place it on top of the casket instead of flowers.
Bus Driver All those attending the burial of a retired school bus driver rode together to the cemetary in a school bus behind the hearse.