Miller Carlin Funeral Home
Funeral Services
When a death occurs, the Miller-Carlin Funeral Homes are there to help. Our warm, compassionate staff will guide you through making all the arrangements. We take care of the details, such as flower arrangements and graveside needs, ensuring everything is done according to your wishes. Then we provide a personalized, meaningful service that allows family and friends to share and reflect.
Funeral A funeral service is sometimes called a "traditional" service.  It simply refers to a service with a body present.  It doese not matter if there will be an earth burial or cremation after the funeral.  Funerals are most often held in a church or other public place and meet the religious needs of most.
Visitation A visitation is a time of gathering together to publicly express your grief.  Most often, this is done at the funeral home and it gives family and friends an opportunity to share with each other and start the process towards healing.  A visitation can be with or without the body present.  A visitation is sometimes referred to as a "wake", "gathering", or "calling hours".
Memorial Service Any service without a body present is referred to as a memorial service.  A memorial service is most common after an immediate burial or direct cremation.  Like a funeral, a memorial service can be held in a church or funeral home, however they can also be in a park or other non-traditional setting.  They are not always religious services.
Cremation With cremation, the body is placed in a casket or container and is reduced to bone fragments called cremains, using heat and flame.  Once the cremation process  is complete, the cremains are placed into an urn.  Cremation usually takes place after a traditional funeral, however can be done immediately after death and then followed by a memorial service.

Making Arrangements We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Whatever type of service you choose, from cremation to traditional burial, we will share all the options and help you make a selection right for your family.
If you have questions, please contact us today. Our caring staff will share with you any information you need.